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The Cool Freshness of Menthol

Menthol is the very essence of freshness. Whether in toothpaste, chewing gum, or candy, the minty taste of the world's most popular flavor ingredient can be found in many everyday products.

Due to its cooling effect Menthol is also used for cosmetic and personal care products such as shower gels or shaving creams. A dedicated pharma grade quality of L-menthol is also available from BASF.

With BASFs range of mint ingredients for the flavor and fragrance industry, we give our customers the freedom to choose the right ingredient for any creation. The mint portfolio consists of L-menthol FCC and DL-menthol FG. BASF offers many forms of Menthol grades. This allows us to improve the material flow of our citral value chain, increase the ease and safety of product handling, as well as overall productivity.

L-Menthol benefits

  • Fresh, mint, cooling; can be used for any creation
  • Nature-identical
  • FSSC 22000 audited
  • Pharma grade quality available

DL-Menthol benefits

  • Fresh, mint, herbal with decent cooling effect
  • Ideal product for any basic flavor and fragrance composition
  • Attractive price-performance ratio
  • Food grade quality available

As part of our citral value chain, both L-Menthol and DL-Menthol production is independent from crop yield and weather, and our state-of-the-art processing enables a reliable supply of a product of consistently high quality. BASF patented a unique production method. This technology ensures that L-Menthol and DL-Menthol are products of highest quality.

L-Menthol for the Pharmaceutical Industry

BASF's pharmaceutical-grade L-Menthol is an synthetically produced organic compound.

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