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Excellence in technology plays a decisive role these days as resources continue to wane. BASF is working together with its customers to meet future developments.

Our customers’ sustainability needs and the resulting market dynamics drive our activities. In this context, we analyze our portfolio regarding contributions to sustainability and integrate sustainability assessments into our innovation process.

We offer our product portfolio in six product lines, to enable our customers the development of new fragrance and flavor applications.

Mint Range

Menthol is one of the most favorite aroma ingredient in the world. You can find it in many fragrance and flavor creations. Our mint range provide a mint, fresh, and herbal smell or taste for any application you develope. These versatile products are applicable in any kind of composition. Their high and stable quality are one of their strengths. Our mint range provides the desired mint-fresh-herbal odor and taste.

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Citrus Range

Our citrus products add a green, fresh, and citrus-like component to any fragrance or flavor application. Their appearance is always clear and colorless. With their enduring quality and their nature-identical characteristic, they add value to any creation.


Lavender Range

Our lavender products are ideal for all creations in the lavender area as well as in some citrus, bergamot, and rose notes. Their exceptional floral freshness adds real value to all kinds of applications.


Muguet Range

Are you searching for a beautiful floral aroma ingredient? – If yes, you will find your solution in the range of our muguet products. The outstanding purity of these products make them the top performers in many creations.


Rose Range

Within our rose range we offer you nine rose aroma ingredients to create your fragrances or flavors based on a rosy or fruity accord.



Our range of specialty aroma ingredients offer you the ideal component - either aniseed, floral, fruity or woody scents, for many applications. For example, you can explore our fruity, smooth pear-banana aroma ingredient Prenyl acetate. It is the perfect ingredient for many fruity compositions.

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