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By combining science with passion, we support our customers with high-quality fragrances and flavors

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of high-class and creative aroma ingredients we are passionate to support our customer’s growth plans with our varied portfolio.

Excellent formulations require high levels of purity and a continuous quality. We offer our product portfolio in six scent ranges, which contain in total more than 60 different products: mint, citrus, rose, lavender, muguet and others.

With a combination of our scientific strength, regulatory expertise, and our Global Supply Network as well as two world-scale aroma ingredients sites in Malaysia and Germany we strive to add value to our customers and partners.

Our strong commitment to the F&F industry is reflected in our continuous process optimization and innovation – supporting our customers to make genuine fragrance and flavor creations.

Open Innovation Approach

Today, around 3.000 aroma ingredients are used in fragrance formulations. Nevertheless, the search for new aroma ingredients continues. But developing and launching them is risky, highly regulated and time-consuming. This is why we are working on an open innovation approach to accelerate innovation and scale-up processes of new aroma ingredients in a Fragrance Innovation Ecosystem.

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Force Majeure Citral Value Chain 

We would like to share information about the shutdown of our Citral plant in Ludwigshafen and the resulting Force Majeure declaration for our Citral and Isoprenol based aroma ingredients as well as for our Vitamin A, E and several Carotenoid products. 

Here, you will find more insights on the root cause of the incident, the status quo of the repair works and the efforts our team is undertaking in order to startup the Citral plant as soon as possible. 

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L-Menthol is an essential ingredient in all sorts of consumer products. BASF has developed and patented a unique production method that yields an extremely pure product of consistent quality.

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Aroma Products Web App

Discover our full range of aroma ingredients on your mobile or desktop device.

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